Melissa Hills

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The observed variability between mortality or morbidity rates in epidemiologic studies is partly due to random fluctuations. The same is true for rate ratios relative to reference rates. A method for estimating the distribution of true rate ratios is applied to a data set of perinatal mortality in 515 small areas in the North West Thames Health Region,(More)
The international Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment (MICE), which is under construction at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL), will demonstrate the principle of ionization cooling as a technique for the reduction of the phase-space volume occupied by a muon beam. Ionization cooling channels are required for the Neutrino Factory and the Muon Collider.(More)
The main gap in our knowledge about what determines the rate of CH(4) oxidation in forest soils is the biology of the microorganisms involved, the identity of which remains unclear. In this study, we used stable-isotope probing (SIP) following (13)CH(4) incorporation into phospholipid fatty acids (PLFAs) and DNA/RNA, and sequencing of methane mono-oxygenase(More)
A comparative trial of freshly-harvested and dry forms of the plant molluscicide, Ambrosia maritima is described. The plant was grown near Alexandria, Egypt and gave a weight ratio of 4:1 for fresh: dry, mature plants. Applications of plant material were made to irrigation watercourses at dosage levels of 560 mg . l-1 fresh and 70 and 140 mg . l-1 dry in(More)
M. Bogomilov, R. Tsenov, G. Vankova-Kirilova, Y. Song, J. Tang, Z. Li, R. Bertoni, M. Bonesini, F. Chignoli, R. Mazza, V. Palladino, A. de Bari, G. Cecchet, D. Orestano, L. Tortora, Y. Kuno, S. Ishimoto, F. Filthaut, D. Jokovic, D. Maletic, M. Savic, O. M. Hansen, S. Ramberger, M. Vretenar, R. Asfandiyarov, A. Blondel, F. Drielsma, Y. Karadzhov, G.(More)
Cary model 14 spectrophotometers like other prism and grating instruments have polarization characteristics that affect the transmittance values of anisotropic or dichroic materials. In the uv, the degree of polarization is fairly constant from 3000 A to 4000 A, whereas in the visible, it shows some variation with wavelength. In the near ir, the variation(More)
The crown area (MCBA) and cusp areas of mandibular molars of Homo sapiens (M-1 = 131; M-2 = 71), Gorilla (M-1 = 25) and Pongo (M-1 = 24) were studied to determine whether the relative size of the mesial and distal cusps are related to overall crown size. Allometric trends were assessed by examining the correlation between relative cusp areas and MCBA and by(More)
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