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The Northern Region of the USDA Forest Service is using the Ecosystem Management Decision Support System (EMDS) to evaluate ecosystem sustainability for National Forest plan revisions following the 2008 Planning Rule. We describe how this knowledge-based system can be successfully used in the development of logic models for integrated evaluations of social,(More)
Aircraft measurements were made of trace gases, atmospheric particles, and condensed acid volatiles in the plume of El Chichón volcano, Chiapas, Mexico, in November 1982. Hydrogen sulfide was the primary gaseous sulfur species in the plume at the time of collection. Concentrations of 28 elements were determined by neutron activation analysis of particulate(More)
This paper addresses the methodological concerns in quantifying urban heat island (UHI) intensity in Hong Kong SAR, China. Although the urban heat island in Hong Kong has been widely investigated, there is no consensus on the most appropriate fixed point meteorological sites to be used to calculate heat island intensity. This study utilized the Local(More)
Freeze-fracture replicas have been prepared from two fast-acting vertebrate muscles (frog sartorius and rabbit sacrospinalis) and are described with particular reference to the distribution of intercalated particles in the plasma membrane. T-tubule and SR cisternae. Orthogonal assemblies of small particles are present on the A face plasma membrane in each(More)
Myeloid sarcoma (MS) is a rare disease entity identified as a variety of manifestations defined by the occurrence of extramedullary myeloid cell masses with or without bone marrow involvement. This case describes an unusual presentation of isolated MS in a 60-year-old otherwise healthy male, who initially presented to his primary care physician with vague(More)
Pursuant to clause 2(e)(4) of Rule XI of the Rules of the House, public hearing records of the Committee on Ways and Means are also published in electronic form. The printed hearing record remains the official version. Because electronic submissions are used to prepare both printed and electronic versions of the hearing record, the process of converting(More)
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