Melissa Hart

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Forest fragmentation may cause increased brood parasitism and nest pre-dation of breeding birds. In North America, nest parasitism and predation are expected to increase closer to forest edges because the brood-parasitic Brown-headed Cowbird (Mol-othrus ater) and generalist nest predators often enter the forest from adjoining developed (largely(More)
The Northern Region of the USDA Forest Service is using the Ecosystem Management Decision Support System (EMDS) to evaluate ecosystem sustainability for National Forest plan revisions following the 2008 Planning Rule. We describe how this knowledge-based system can be successfully used in the development of logic models for integrated evaluations of social,(More)
Ecological processes are dependent on the spatial and temporal scale at which they are viewed, and a process at any one scale may be influenced by factors at other scales. Thus, an ecological process at a broader scale may act to constrain processes at finer scales (Allen and Starr 1982, Thompson et al. 2000). Developing a full understanding of the spatial(More)
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