Melissa H Bloom

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R. Ivry, R. M. Spencer, H. N. Zelaznik, and J. Diedrichsen (2002) have proposed a distinction between timed movements in which a temporal representation is part of the task goal (event timing) and those in which timing properties are emergent. The issue addressed in the present experiment was how timing in conditions conducive to emergent timing becomes(More)
Transcription is regulated through chromatin remodeling and histone modification, mediated by large protein complexes. Histone and nucleosome interaction has been shown to be mediated by specific chromatin domains called bromodomains and chromodomains. Here we provide evidence for a similar function of two additional domains within the yeast SAGA complex,(More)
OBJECTIVES To correlate the reduction in migraine frequency with change in phosphene threshold of transcranial magnetic stimulation during levetiracetam treatment. BACKGROUND Several case series have suggested levetiracetam efficacy may be effective in the management of migraine. Phosphene threshold is reduced in patients with migraine with aura, migraine(More)
In a retrospective review of 119 intracapsular hip fractures treated by the Deyerle method (seventy-nine patients treated at San Francisco General Hospital and forty at Brookside Community Hospital), fifty-nine patients were available for follow-up after two or more years or were rated as failures before that time. In the San Francisco General series the(More)
In brief: Knee pain is the most common problem afflicting runners and recreational athletes. Two of the most common injury sites are at the patella and the meniscus; determining which is involved is central to providing effective treatment and helping patients resume normal activities with minimal delay. Subjective factors such as ability to get into and(More)