Melissa H Beck

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One barrier to medication adherence in pediatric populations is difficulty swallowing pills. Some children may not have prerequisite skills for pill swallowing, while others may have developed conditioned anxiety from repeated negative experiences. Eight children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or autistic disorder participated in behavioral(More)
INTRODUCTION Difficulty with swallowing pills is a common problem, leading to noncompliance with treatment recommendations. Many young children with autistic disorder (AD) who also show comorbid symptoms associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have difficulty swallowing pills. This pilot study describes our experience in teaching(More)
PURPOSE Investigated the facial emotion decoding and encoding skills and perceived social acceptance in children with and without oral clefts. PATIENTS 8-15 year-old children with surgically repaired facial clefts (n=19) and non-cleft controls (n=19). METHODS The children viewed photographs of facial emotions expressed by other children and identified(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine and compare social acceptance, social behavior, and facial movements of children with and without oral clefts in an experimental setting. DESIGN Two groups of children (with and without oral clefts) were videotaped in a structured social interaction with a peer confederate, when listening to emotional stories, and when told to pose(More)
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