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In this paper the kinetics and dynamics of nickel adsorption on calcined Bofe bentonite clay were studied. The clay was characterized through EDX, surface area (BET) and XRD analysis. The influence(More)
Heavy metal removal by adsorption using rice husks as a bioadsorbent was evaluated as an alternative for wastewater treatment. Batch equilibrium experiments and kinetic sorption studies were(More)
This study evaluated the kinetic adsorption of Pb and Cu ions using rice husk ash as adsorbent in a fixed bed. The maximum adsorption capacities obtained for lead and copper ions in the fixed bed(More)
In this study, particles produced from sericin-alginate blend were used as non-conventional bioadsorbent for removing Cr(III) and Cr(VI) from aqueous solutions. Besides chromium mitigation, the use(More)