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Alternative splicing of pre-messenger RNA is a key feature of transcriptome expansion in eukaryotic cells, yet its regulation is poorly understood. Spliceosome assembly occurs co-transcriptionally, raising the possibility that DNA structure may directly influence alternative splicing. Supporting such an association, recent reports have identified distinct(More)
Dense genetic maps of mammalian genomes facilitate a variety of biological studies including the mapping of polygenic traits, positional cloning of monogenic traits, mapping of quantitative or qualitative trait loci, marker association, allelic imbalance, speed congenic construction, and evolutionary or phylogenetic comparison. In particular, single(More)
This paper describes the use of a visual programming environment (LabVIEW) for the flux analysis of metabolic pathways. Representations of metabolic pathways are constructed in software from individual reaction elements (icons) which are linked together to indicate potential flux routes. Off-line bioprocess data are then used to supply the inputs and(More)