Melissa Gerstle

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The aim of this study was to investigate whether difficulties in forgetting (like difficulties in remembering) are associated with depressive states. First, dysphoric and nondysphoric students learned 40 word pairs, each consisting of a positive or negative adjective and a neutral noun (target). Next, the students practiced responding with some targets and(More)
Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a widespread global health problem. Despite growing evidence indicating that men and women commit IPV, most traditional interventions focus on male-to-female violence and do not address mutual violence. This circumscribed focus represents one potential reason traditional treatments have had only a modest effect on(More)
Changes to Federal regulations pertaining to waiver of informed consent for acute care research were debated by the research and regulatory communities for more than 2 years before being finalized in October of 1996. Input from the general public was limited. This survey investigated the opinions of emergency medicine patients concerning waiver of informed(More)
OBJECTIVE The neuropsychological report is a critical tool for communicating evaluation results to multiple audiences who have varying knowledge about neuropsychology and often have limited ability to review long, complex reports. Considerable time is spent writing these reports and challenges persist related to readability, length/complexity, and billable(More)