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The number of research publications in various disciplines is growing exponentially. Researchers and scientists are increasingly finding themselves in the position of having to quickly understand large amounts of technical material. In this paper we present the first steps in producing an automatically generated , readily consumable, technical survey.(More)
Although Arabic is currently one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, there has been relatively little speech recognition research on Arabic compared to other languages. Moreover, most previous work has concentrated on the recognition of formal rather than dialectal Arabic. This paper reports on our project at the 2002 Johns Hopkins Summer(More)
The University of Maryland participated in three tasks organized by the Text Analysis Conference 2008 (TAC 2008): (1) the update task of text summarization; (2) the opinion task of text summarization; and (3) recognizing textual entailment (RTE). At the heart of our summarization system is Trimmer, which generates multiple alternative compressed versions of(More)
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