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Angiostatin blocks tumor angiogenesis in vivo, almost certainly through its demonstrated ability to block endothelial cell migration and proliferation. Although the mechanism of angiostatin action remains unknown, identification of F(1)-F(O) ATP synthase as the major angiostatin-binding site on the endothelial cell surface suggests that ATP metabolism may(More)
Plant nonsymbiotic hemoglobins are hexacoordinate heme proteins found in all plants. Although expression is linked with hypoxic environmental conditions (Taylor, E. R., Nie, X. Z., Alexander, W. M., and Hill, R. D. (1994) Plant Mol. Biol. 24, 853-862), no discrete physiological function has yet been attributed to this family of proteins. The crystal(More)
2 ABSTRACT This paper is concerned with the application of a GRASP approach to a nurse-scheduling problem in which the objective is to optimise a set of preferences subject to a set of binding constraints. The balance between feasibility and optimality is a key issue. This is addressed by using a knapsack model to ensure that the solutions produced by the(More)
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