Melissa Chilton

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Connexins form a variety of gap junction channels that vary in their developmental and tissue-specific levels of expression, modulation of gating by transjunctional voltage and posttranslational modification, and unitary channel conductance (gamma j). Despite a 10-fold variation in gamma j, whether connexin-specific channels possess distinct ionic and(More)
The functional diversity of gap junction intercellular channels arising from the large number of connexin isoforms is significantly increased by heterotypic interactions between members of this family. This is particularly evident in the rectifying behavior of Cx26/Cx32 heterotypic channels (. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 88:8410-8414). The channel(More)
BACKGROUND The specific pathogenesis of increased vulnerability to cocaine-induced paranoia/psychosis is unknown. Weight loss has been long observed in patients abusing stimulants (including cocaine and the amphetamines). In the current study, we compared Body Mass Index (calculated as weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in meters) in(More)
A convergence of preclinical pharmacology, and human autopsy and genetic data support the existence of reduced expression and function of the alpha7 nicotinic receptor in patients with schizophrenia. The alpha7 nicotinic receptor is a member of a family of ligand-gated ion channels. The alpha7 nicotinic receptor may play an essential role in auditory(More)
In persons with Down syndrome, soluble Abeta peptides, which result from the processing of the amyloid precursor protein, appear in the brain decades before the extracellular deposition of neuritic plaques. These soluble amyloidogenic peptides accumulate intraneuronally and can be secreted extracellularly. Their appearance has been reported in the brains of(More)
Diminished expression of the alpha(7) nicotinic acetylcholine receptor occurs in selected brain regions of patients with schizophrenia, which may account for pathophysiological abnormalities and some of the deficits in attention and information processing. In view of this neurotransmitter receptor deficit, we wished to characterize the behavioral(More)
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