Melissa C Williams

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Baboons from some families have a higher concentration of plasma high density lipoproteins (HDL) on a chow diet and accumulate large HDL (HDL1) when challenged with a high cholesterol and high saturated fat (HCHF) diet. HDL1 from high HDL1 animals contained more (1.5-fold) cholesteryl ester than HDL (HDL2 + HDL3) from high or low HDL1 animals. HDL from high(More)
S U M M A R Y The radioactivities of the glycerol and fatty acid moieties of plasma, liver, and adipose tissue lipids were determined a t intervals after the ingestion of glyceroland palmitic acid-labeled tripalmitin by rats. The changes in the levels of activities of the glycerol and fatty acids, and in the ratios of those activities, demonstrated the(More)
High-performance gel exclusion chromatography was used to detect an abnormal lipoprotein in a large colony of baboons. Serum obtained from fasting baboons was adjusted to density 1.21 g/ml and ultracentrifuged to obtain lipoproteins. A small fraction (equivalent to 50 microliter serum) was separated using a gel filtration column (TSK 4000 SW) or a(More)
In work previously reported from this laboratory it was found that CWlabeled glycerol, completely hydrolyzed from glycerides during digestion, was not utilized for the resynthesis of lymph glycerides (1). This suggests that glycerol per se may not be the precursor of glyceride glycerol. Since absorbed fatty acids appear in the lymph as triglycerides, it is(More)
High-performance gel exclusion chromatography using flow-through radioactivity monitoring was employed for rapid measurement of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) turnover. Iodinated LDL was injected into five fasting rabbits. Serial blood samples were obtained and small aliquots (0.1-0.2 ml) were injected into the chromatographic system using 0.2 M Tris-acetate(More)
An interaction of mean ratings of support and intent to vote for officials between scenarios in which the religion of a government official offering a prayer was experimentally manipulated, and the reported reaction of the community, was related to 64 college women's support and intention to vote for the official. Importance of religion to the participants(More)