Melissa Bridge

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Light responses of Hermissenda type-B photoreceptors evoked by flashes of light were enhanced and prolonged by bath application of serotonin (5-HT). 5-HT appears to act directly on the B photoreceptors and not indirectly through 5-HT-sensitive interneurons since similar effects were observed in the presence of tetrodotoxin and in axotomized preparations(More)
The iSCHANNEL is five years old and continues to develop and gain in strength. From what started as a small project by a few MSc students is now increasingly seen by all LSE students of Information Systems as their journal. This is demonstrated by the increasing involvement of both MSc and PhD students in all aspects of the journals production. It is hoped(More)
This abstract presents a model project aimed to train community lay health workers about genetics, increase cultural competency of genetic services providers, and provide local access to genetic services in primarily Hispanic communities in the state of Arizona. Health Start, a community-based prenatal outreach program, served as the basis for providing(More)
More than half century ago, Alan Turing, one of the computer pioneers, claimed that a high-speed digital computer, programmed with rules and facts, might exhibit intelligent behavior (Dreyfus, 1993). Thus was born the field later called artificial intelligence (AI). According to Marvin Minsky, artificial intelligence can be defined as: ―the science of(More)
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