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Marine Research Center volunteer staff who assisted in data collection and entry. We also would like to thank Debbie Marrin, Terry Samansky and the Marine Mammal Department training staff at Six Flags Marine World who were responsible for the care and husbandry of the animals. Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Brenda McCowan,(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine self-report of carrying weapons and correlates in a sample of New Zealand high school students. METHOD A sample of 652 Year 11 students from all Dunedin high schools completed a web-based version of the US Youth Risk Behaviour Survey. This included questions on weapon carrying, fighting, and feeling unsafe at school, as well as(More)
AIM To examine the associations between connectedness to family and friends, and school engagement, and selected health compromising and health promoting behaviours in a sample of New Zealand adolescents. METHODS A web-based survey was designed and administered to a random sample of 652 Year 11 students aged 16 years from all Dunedin (NZ) high schools(More)
N2-fixing root nodules of soybean (Glycine max L. Merr.) convert atmospheric N2 to ammonia(um) in an energy-intensive enzymatic reaction. These nodules synthesize large quantities of purines because nitrogen fixed by bacteria contained within this tissue is transferred to the shoots in the form of ureides, which are degradation products of purines. In(More)
A modification to the Pressure Sensitive Paint (PSP) method was used to visualize streamlines on a Blended Wing Body (BWB) model at full-scale flight Reynolds numbers. In order to achieve these conditions, the tests were carried out in the National Transonic Facility operating under cryogenic conditions in a nitrogen environment. Oxygen is required for(More)
Brazil is South America's largest country and home to nearly half of the continent's people. Despite solid economic growth, Brazil has one of the world's widest income disparities. In the early 1990s, nearly 40% of urban and 66% of rural Brazilians lived in poverty. The streets of Brazil's cities are home to a large population of street children. (More)
A computational study of a distributed electric propulsion wing with a 40° flap deflection has been completed using FUN3D. Two lift-augmentation power conditions were compared with the power-off configuration on the high-lift wing (40° flap) at a 73 mph freestream flow and for a range of angles of attack from -5 degrees to 14 degrees. The computational(More)
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