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-We studied reproduction in female pigmy rattlesnakes in a subtropical area. Twenty-six females were either captured gravid and held until parturition or found in the field with their litters. Over
Seasonal variation in terrestrial resource subsidies influences trophic niche width and overlap in two aquatic snake species: a stable isotope approach
The results demonstrate that seasonal shifts in niche dimensions can lead to changes in niche overlap between sympatric species and can influence competitive interactions and consequently the composition and dynamics of communities and ecosystems.
Seasonal Abundance and Activity of a Rattlesnake (Sistrurus miliarius barbouri) in Central Florida
This work presents a phylogenetic analysis of the loricariid subfamilies (Pisces: Siluroidei) and revised procedures for staining and clearing small fishes and other vertebrates for bone and cartilage study.
Expression of maternal isotopes in offspring: implications for interpreting ontogenetic shifts in isotopic composition of consumer tissues.
  • Melissa A. Pilgrim
  • Environmental Science
    Isotopes in environmental and health studies
  • 4 June 2007
Results of the enclosure study suggest that highly variable isotopic signatures in young animals within field populations could easily reflect the retention of a maternal signal rather than differences in resource utilisation among younger snakes.
Repeatability of Female Reproductive Traits in Pigmy Rattlesnakes (Sistrurus miliarius)
A lack of growth in adult Sistrurus miliarius and the ability of females to skip reproduction in some years appear to foster the high repeatability of reproductive traits in female snakes.
Water Resources Compound Systems: A Macro Approach to Analysing Water Resource Issues under Changing Situations
Water resource crises are an increasing threat to human survival and development. To reveal the nature of water resource issues under changing situations, the water resources system needs to be
The Evolution of River–Lake and Urban Compound Systems: A Case Study in Wuhan, China
The process of urbanization takes up a lot of wetlands, profoundly changing the natural connection of surrounding river–lake systems, all the while causing serious damage to the environment of
Efficacy of Labeling Wetlands with Enriched 15N to Determine Amphibian Dispersal
The results suggest that 15N enrichment is feasible for field studies of amphibian dispersal, as metamorphs will retain isotope-enriched tissues that persist until at least the second year of breeding.