Melissa A. Smith

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Power devices based on the wide-bandgap semiconductors SiC and GaN have many potential advantages compared to conventional Si-based switching devices, especially for renewable energy and smart grid applications. However, while these emerging devices have developed rapidly in recent years, many factors affecting their performance and reliability remain(More)
We demonstrate high-electron-mobility transistors (HEMTs) based on InAlN/GaN nanoribbon (NR) structures. These devices, with NR widths d in the 50-90 nm range, are fabricated through a top-down technology on planar InAlN/GaN samples grown on a SiC substrate. The electrical properties of the InAlN/GaN NRs have been characterized by transmission-line model(More)
State-of-the-art, commercially available, 4H-SiC MOSFETs are evaluated for stability under high-temperature over-voltage and pulsed over-current conditions. The devices show maximum vulnerability under high-temperature accumulation stress, demonstrating that the gate oxide is more prone to hole trapping than to electron trapping. The power MOSFET(More)
A pentacene (C<sub>22</sub>H<sub>14</sub>)-based high-voltage organic thin-film transistor (HVOTFT) was demonstrated on both a rigid and a flexible substrate. The HVOTFT showed minimal degradation of the current-voltage (I-V) characteristics under flexure. Consistent with the previous reports on amorphous silicon (a-Si) TFTs, the offset drain/source(More)
This research investigates the use of vertical silicon ungated field effect transistors (FETs) as current limiters to individuallycontrol emission current in a field emitter and provide a simple solution to three problems that have plagued field emission arraysemission current uniformity, emission current stability and reliability. The ungated FET is an(More)
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