Melissa A. Metzler

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Cardiotonic glycosides, like ouabain, inhibit Na(+)-K(+)-ATPase. Recent evidence suggests that low molar concentrations of ouabain alter cell growth. Studies were conducted to examine the effect of ouabain on Akt phosphorylation and rate of cell proliferation in opossum kidney (OK) proximal tubule cells. Cells exposed to 10 nM ouabain displayed increased(More)
OBJECTIVE The transcription factor networks that drive parotid salivary gland progenitor cells to terminally differentiate, remain largely unknown and are vital to understanding the regeneration process. METHODOLOGY A systems biology approach was taken to measure mRNA and microRNA expression in vivo across acinar cell terminal differentiation in the rat(More)
Embryonic development is orchestrated by a small number of signaling pathways, one of which is the retinoic acid (RA) signaling pathway. Vitamin A is essential for vertebrate embryonic development because it is the molecular precursor of the essential signaling molecule RA. The level and distribution of RA signaling within a developing embryo must be(More)
In order to understand the process of terminal differentiation in salivary acinar cells, mRNA and microRNA expression was measured across the month long process of differentiation in the parotid gland of the rat. Acinar cells were isolated at either nine time points (mRNA) or four time points (microRNA) in triplicate using laser capture microdissection(More)
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