Melissa A. McKinney

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Body condition is a key indicator of individual and population health. Yet, there is little consensus as to the most appropriate condition index (CI), and most of the currently used CIs have not been thoroughly validated and are logistically challenging. Adipose samples from large datasets of capture biopsied, remote biopsied, and harvested polar bears were(More)
In the Arctic Ocean's southern Beaufort Sea (SB), the length of the sea ice melt season (i.e., period between the onset of sea ice break-up in summer and freeze-up in fall) has increased substantially since the late 1990s. Historically, polar bears (Ursus maritimus) of the SB have mostly remained on the sea ice year-round (except for those that came ashore(More)
Elderly patients often have atrophy of the subcuta-neous fat and muscle, especially in the neck region. This loss of tissue can lead to the exposure of vessels during skin cancer surgery. An exposed large-diameter vein poses the risk of trauma and bleeding in the course of reconstruction. Here, a technique is described to cover the exposed vein with(More)
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