Melissa A Martinek

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Research scientists and IACUC members are faced with the difficult task of balancing the necessity of using animals for experimental research and their mandate to protect the welfare of those animals used in that research. One way to reduce the number of research animals would be to reuse them, but the regulations do not specifically address this topic. To(More)
Fractures of the tibial eminence and the diaphyseal tibia are common pediatric orthopaedic injuries. Although most tibial fractures can be treated nonsurgically, those that require surgical intervention may encounter specific complications. Surgical treatment of fractures of the tibial eminence may be complicated by failed fixation, knee joint stiffness,(More)
Limping is a symptom of varied diagnoses in children and adolescents and can present a difficult diagnostic challenge for primary care clinicians. A careful and systematic evaluation can shorten the long list of potential diagnoses to direct appropriate diagnostic tests to determine the cause of the problem. Trauma and infections are the most common causes(More)
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