Melissa A. Knox

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Prompted by widespread concerns about public school quality, a growing empirical literature has measured the effects of greater choice on school performance. This paper contributes to that literature in three ways, first by noting that the overall effect of greater choice – the focus of prior research – can be decomposed into demand and supply responses:(More)
Increasing numbers of research studies test interventions for clinicians in addition to or instead of interventions for patients. Although previous studies have enumerated barriers to patient enrolment in clinical trials, corresponding barriers have not been identified for enrolling clinicians as subjects. We propose a framework of metrics for(More)
Mexico created Seguro Popular in 2002 with the goal of providing free or subsidized health insurance coverage to 47 million uninsured people by the year 2013. Only individuals lacking the social security protections granted to all formal sector workers and their families are eligible. Hence, one unintended consequence of the program could be an increase in(More)
Inbred lines of Strongylocentrotus purpuratus descended from a single pair of wild animals were constructed by sibling mating. We describe results from a systematic series of crosses in which eggs from F2 and from F3 females were fertilized respectively with sperm from their sibling males. Observations were also made on self-fertilized cultures derived from(More)
Many recent studies predict the consequences of the coming sex ratio imbalance in the Chinese marriage market by assuming a static marriage market where up to 30 million men will never be able to marry. These forecasts are based on assuming that current marriage practices will not adapt in any way to the excess of men. We predict, however, that the marriage(More)
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