Melissa A Gutierrez

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OBJECTIVES Asthma affects 25-30% of children living in certain disadvantaged Chicago neighborhoods, a rate twice the national prevalence (13%). Children living in poor, minority communities tend to rely heavily on the emergency department (ED) for asthma care and are unlikely to be properly medicated or educated on asthma self-management. A pilot project(More)
Paradoxal reactions to benzodiazepines may be presented in different ways. In some persons, primarily older persons and children, especilally with coexisting somatic disorders, paradoxal reactions may be manifested as logoroic speech, unapropriate social behaviour, and psychomotor agitation. Although benzodiazepines lower levels of agression, few studies(More)
Understanding the interaction between sexual and natural selection within variable environments is crucial to our understanding of evolutionary processes. The handicap principle predicts females will prefer males with exaggerated traits provided those traits are indicators of male quality to ensure direct or indirect female benefits. Spatial variability in(More)
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