Melissa A. Cowan

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We report the design, construction, and testing of a contact lens with an integrated amperometric glucose sensor, proposing the possibility of in situ human health monitoring simply by wearing a contact lens. The glucose sensor was constructed by creating microstructures on a polymer substrate, which was subsequently shaped into a contact lens. Titania(More)
A low-power, wide-dynamic-range integrated humidity sensing chip is implemented using a printable polymer sensing material with an on-chip pulse-width-modulation interface circuit. By using the inkjet printing technique, poly(3,4-ethylene-dioxythiophene)/polystyrene sulfonate that has humidity sensing features can be printed onto the top metal layer of a(More)
Orleans House Gallery began a community-curatorship project named Royal Connections. Our team conducted an evaluation of the project by surveys, interviews, and observations to determine if Royal Connections fulfilled its goals. We concluded that Royal Connections met its goals of connection, education, and empowerment. Our team recommended that future(More)
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