Melissa A Bray

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This study investigated the relationship of self-efficacy for verbal fluency, academic self-efficacy, and depression between adolescents who stutter and fluent speakers. Two separate discriminant function analyses were performed. The first analysis used the self-efficacy and depression scores as response variables and fluency classification as the grouping(More)
The present study investigated developmental changes in moral reasoning about sibling and parental relationships in Mainland Chinese children. More specifically, motives of a protagonist with conflicting obligations in the family were examined. Results suggested universal stage-like progression in moral judgment from superficial (stages 1 and 2) to profound(More)
The purpose of this study was to (a) identify the relationship between specific types of reading ability, different forms of learning, and long-term memory and retrieval (Glr); and then (b) to determine the degree to which self-assessed reading ability and a Glr measure could predict objective reading ability. College students were administered three(More)
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