Melisande Biet

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Most tactile displays currently built rely on pin-based arrays. However, this kind of tactile device is not always appropriate when we need to give the illusion of finely textured surfaces. In this paper, we describe the squeeze film effect between a plate and a finger, and we use this effect to design an ultrasonic tactile plate. The plate is actuated by(More)
In this paper, we investigate the use of friction based tactile displays for the simulation of finely textured surfaces, as such displays offer a promising way for the development of devices with co-located vision and tactile feedback. The resolution of the textures rendered with such devices and their matching to real textures have never been investigated.(More)
A travelling Lamb wave tactile display has been developed. To indicate smooth or braking sensation, the device is controlled in order to impose the relative speed between the finger and the wave, so that a variable shear force appears on the fingerpulp. Moreover, at low frequency, an amplitude modulation of the travelling Lamb wave is achieved so as to(More)
Angular scattering measurements on fluoride glass fibers or bulk samples are reported. Patterns obtained on crystallites or bubbles give several peaks which are dependent on particle size and refractive index. Peak positions and scattering levels on the experimental curves are interpreted using Mie scattering theory. Particle sizing is possible and the(More)
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