Melisa Pelikan

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The Karviná district (northwestern part of North Moravia and Silesia) is typical by its industrial character, above all mining of black coal which is coked and which led to the devastation of the countryside. The ratio of light industry is low. In a small area (347 km2) there is a population of 824 inhabitants per km2. The population is concentrated in(More)
IMPORTANCE Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), an antioxidant that supports mitochondrial function, has been shown in preclinical Parkinson disease (PD) models to reduce the loss of dopamine neurons, and was safe and well tolerated in early-phase human studies. A previous phase II study suggested possible clinical benefit. OBJECTIVE To examine whether CoQ10 could slow(More)
One hundred and three bronchial asthma patients with a suspected allergic component developed 133 positive immediate asthmatic (bronchus-obstructive) responses (IARs) to bronchial challenge with allergen (BP). The onset of IAR was within 10 minutes, the maximum within 45 minutes, and the resolution of the response within 120 minutes after the challenge. All(More)
The authors submit an account of five patients with a perforated duodenal and prepyloric ulcer. All patients were treated by laparoscopy only. A laparoscopic suture of the perforated ulcer was made without omentoplasty with lavage and drainage. The patients recovered without complications. Early mobilisation and rapid convalescence are the greatest(More)
In 22 months, about 2 000 patients were hospitalized for head injury and 410 of these had computerized tomography to determine the presence and extent of intracranial pathology. 165 patients had normal C.T. scan, and in 245 cases the scan showed an intracranial pathology: 132 brain contusions, 45 epidural hematomas, 36 subdural hygromas, 32 chronic subdural(More)
The objective of the submitted work was to present a summary of basic epidemiological data in a group of 1034 subjects from whom during the period between 1968-1999 Mycobacterium kansasii was isolated. In the analysis of the group principles of the descriptive epidemiological method were used. In the first years, when diseases were recorded and the number(More)
Computerised axial tomography requires total immobility, which must be obtained by a simple and safe technique of anaesthesia. Three anaesthesia techniques were used and analysed in 54 children aged less than 5 years: the technique of the feeding bottle, sedation with pentobarbital or diazepam and general anaesthesia with ketamine hydrochloride. The(More)