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A growing body of work has emerged that examines crime and delinquency as gendered events. Given the prevalence of violence in the lives of women and girls, scholars have used various theoretical perspectives, including feminist pathways and "doing gender," to investigate the victimization-offending overlap. The authors contribute to this literature through(More)
As the initial gatekeepers of the criminal justice system, police officers hold considerable discretion in the investigation of offenses and in the decision to make an arrest. This is particularly true with sexual assault given the unique nature of these cases. Yet most research in this area has focused on prosecutors' charging decisions rather than police(More)
In the frame of the European Fusion Technology Programme, FZK Karlsruhe and CRPP Villigen have started a development program for design and construction of a 60 kA current lead for the ITER Toroidal Field Coils using High Temperature Superconductors. The task composes of four parts: material selection based on test results of 1 kA current leads,(More)
High rates of imprisonment among American men and women have motivated recent research on the well-being of children of incarcerated parents. Despite advances in the literature, little is known regarding the mental health status of children who experience maternal relative to paternal incarceration. Accordingly, we examine whether there are differences in(More)
The purpose of the present study was to analyse the replicability of the scoring of discontinuous traits. This was assessed on a sample of 100 skulls from the Frassetto collection (Dipartimento di Biologia Evoluzionistica Sperimentale of Bologna University) analysed through intraobserver comparisons: the discontinuous traits were determined on the same(More)
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