Melinda M Somasekhar

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Renal papillary necrosis in 4 diabetic patients is described. Two of them had underlying diabetic nephropathy. Urinary tract infection was present in all of them. Three patients had passed fleshy material in the urine while in one the diagnosis was established by excretory urography. Two patients required haemodialysis for acute renal failure caused by(More)
A well designed outcomes research study was performed in which 20 primary care physicians were selected to participate. Each physician had more than 30 fibromyalgia patients in their practice. The study design consisted of four phases. In phase one, physicians undertook a self-assessment of their practice. Phase two of the study involved diagnosis and(More)
Cost related to higher-level outcomes measurement is often very high. However, the cost burden is felt even more by smaller, less well-funded continuing medical education (CME) programs. It is possible to overcome financial and participant-related barriers to measuring Level 6 outcomes, which are patient health outcomes. The Temple University School of(More)
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