Melinda Barker

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A distinctive peripheral arthropathy associated with psoriasis is well recognized, the classical pattern describing an asymmetrical oligoarthritis with predominant distal interphalangeal joint (DIP) involvement. There is some dispute about the frequency of this classical pattern and of the pattern of symmetrical polyarthritis resembling rheumatoid(More)
Although airway disease in preschool children is common, standard spirometry is limited by the level of cooperation. We evaluated a computer-animated system (SpiroGame) aimed at improving children's performance in spirometry. SpiroGame includes a commercial pneumotachograph (ZAN100; ZAN Messgeraete GmbH, Oberthulba, Germany) and games teaching tidal(More)
Antibodies to atrazine were labelled with glucose oxidase and used in colorimetric enzyme linked immunosorbent assays. Transparent aminosilanized indium tin oxide coated glass electrodes were derivatized with aminodextran covalently modified with atrazine caproic acid. The labelled antibodies were used to investigate the derivatized electrodes(More)
Two siblings of African origin presented with multiple scaling patches and alopecia on the scalp four weeks after returning from a vacation in Eritrea. Direct KOH examination revealed fungal elements; Trichophyton mentagrophytes and Trichophyton terrestre were identified in the fungal culture. We discuss the putative pathogenic role of both microorganisms(More)
BACKGROUND Borreliosis is the most common vector transmitted disease in childhood. Although the disease manifests with an erythema migrans in 80 % of the patients, multilocular skin manifestations are only observed in 2-18 % of these. Differential diagnoses of erythema migrans include erysipelas, persistent insect bite reaction, and fixed drug eruption, in(More)