Melinda Anne Mills

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The alpha-actinins are a multigene family of four actin-binding proteins related to dystrophin. The two skeletal muscle isoforms of alpha-actinin (ACTN2 and ACTN3) are major structural components of the Z-line involved in anchoring the actin-containing thin filaments. In humans, ACTN2 is expressed in all muscle fibres, while ACTN3 expression is restricted(More)
The syntrophins and dystrobrevins are members of the dystrophin-associated protein complex, and are thought to function as modular adaptors for signalling proteins recruited to the sarcolemmal membrane. We have characterised the expression of the syntrophins (alpha-, beta1-, and beta2-) and alpha-dystrobrevin by immunohistochemistry in normal human muscle(More)
This thesis explores the various discursive strategies that black women employ when they encounter street harassment from men. To investigate the ways in which these women choose to respond to men's attention during social interactions, I examine their perception of social situations to understand how they view urban spaces and strangers within these(More)
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