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Qualitative investigations have indicated that music therapy groups may be beneficial for bereaved teenagers. The existing relationship between young people and music serves as a platform for connectedness and emotional expression that is utilised within a therapeutic, support group format. This investigation confirms this suggestion through grounded theory(More)
Infant development scales provide a one time measure of the number of scale items an infant performs and his standing relative to his age group. Repeated assessment indicates how many more items he can perform and whether his relative status has altered but does not measure actual changes in the same behaviors as development progresses. This paper discusses(More)
BACKGROUND Providing opportunities for children to process loss and express grief in response to the loss of a loved one has been shown to assist with successful coping (Worden, 1996). Songwriting may be a relevant method that fosters the expression of thoughts and feelings related to the loss. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to analyse lyrics(More)
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