Melike Oruç

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BACKGROUND There are many treatment alternatives for reconstruction of leg and foot defects. One of these treatment alternatives includes local flaps. A detailed understanding of the blood flow of the leg region is essential for producing new alternatives for the reconstruction of defects of this region. METHODS The leg and foot region blood flow was(More)
Neuromuscular hamartoma is a rare benign tumor consisted of well-differentiated striated muscle fibers within mature neural elements. Though most cases are composed of solitary masses associated with major peripheral nerves, multiple tumors or subcutaneous tumors without any association with peripheral nerves have also been reported. Twenty-three(More)
Calcinosis cutis, deposition of insoluble calcium salts in cutaneous tissues, is an uncommon disorder. This condition can be classified as metastatic, dystrophic, idiopathic, and iatrogenic based on the pathogenesis of the deposition. Whereas dystrophic calcinosis cutis is a fairly common condition, idiopathic cases are very rare. Distinct cutaneous(More)
Numerous materials have been used for the correction and prevention of dorsal nasal irregularities. Experimental and clinical studies have been useful but have provided insufficient results for several reasons, including the impossibility of obtaining pathologic specimens from aesthetic patients and imprecise experimental models. In this study, an(More)
BACKGROUND Rhinoplasty has become one of the most frequently requested and performed surgical procedures for both functional and aesthetic purposes. As an attention-attracting prominence, even the slightest disfigurement of the nose causes serious disturbance to the patient before or after the operation. Functional problems also cause discomfort. For these(More)
BACKGROUND In clinical practice, there are many ways to reconstruct nasal defects. Despite this fact, achieving a desirable image and better functional results is still a problem. Banner, bilobed, and dorsal nasal flaps have recently been used to reconstruct defects up to 2 cm. For defects larger than 2 cm, flaps raised from the frontal region and face are(More)
Gluteal artery perforator flaps have gained popularity due to reliability, preservation of the muscle, versatility in flap design without restricting other flap options, and low donor-site morbidity. Today, free or local flaps based on the perforating arteries of the gluteal region are among the most commonly used procedures for the management of(More)
PURPOSE Bottoming-out deformity is accepted as the most important disadvantage of inferior pedicle breast reduction. For prevention of this deformity, different techniques are used in combination with inferior pedicle. In this study, we aimed to prevent bottoming-out deformity by producing an internal bra effect through combination of inferior pedicle(More)
OBJECT Skin grafts, skin flaps, fasciocutaneous flaps, muscle flaps, and musculocutaneous flaps have been used for closure of large meningomyelocele (MMC) defects that cannot be closed primarily. The V-Y rotation advancement flap technique has been used successfully for the reconstruction of defects in different areas of the body. In the present study, the(More)