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Olive is a widely cultivated, mainly in the Mediterranean region, and economically important fruit species used as both olive oil and table olive consumption. In Turkey, more than 50 olive cultivars have been authorized for commercial plantations, representing the developmental base for the olive industry. The aim of the present study was to identify(More)
Turkey is not only the main apricot (Prunus armeniaca) producer and exporter in the world, but it also has a wide variety of apricot germplasms, owing to its close proximity to the centers of apricot origin. However, there is little or no genetic information on many apricot cultivars that are extensively cultivated in Turkey. We examined the genetic(More)
Green bean genotypes collected from eastern Turkey were characterized using simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers and morphological traits. Among 12 SSR markers, 10 produced successful amplifications and revealed DNA polymorphisms that were subsequently used to assess genetic relatedness of the genotypes. Based on the number of alleles generated and the(More)
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