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Localization is one of the major research fields in mobile robotics. With the utilization of satellite images and Monte Carlo localization technique, the global localization of an outdoor mobile robot is studied in this paper. The proposed method employs satellite images downloaded from the Internet to localize the robot iteratively. To accomplish this, the(More)
Localization of mobile robots has been studied rigorously in the last decade. A number of successful approaches such as Extended Kalman Filter, Markov Localization, and Monte Carlo Localization assume that the map of the environment is originally presented to the robot. However, an important information package like the map of the environment could not be(More)
This paper focuses on a novel command generator for servo-motor drives to be used as an integral part of their motion controllers. The method, which incorporates a new data compression algorithm, is capable of generating trajectory data at variable rates. In this paradigm, higher-order differences of a given trajectory (i.e. position) are first computed and(More)
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