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After 10 years of No Child Left Behind standards-focused education, mathematics scores have improved only marginally for elementary-aged students. Students who developed a solid conceptual mathematics foundation at the elementary level succeeded later in higher-level mathematics courses; thus, educators have sought ways to increase mathematics achievement,(More)
The granting of loans by a financial institution (bank or home loan business) is one of the important decisio n problems that require delicate care. It can be performed using a variety of different processing algorithms and tools. Neural networks are considered one of the most promising approaches. In this study, optimal parameters and the comparative(More)
AbSTRACT This chapter reports on types and roles of information and communication technologies (ICT) implemented in knowledge management (KM) solutions in local governments. A sample of nine local councils were rated on usage of various generic and KM specific ICT in supporting knowledge exploitation or exploration, and codification or personalization(More)