Melih Temel

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The objective of this research is to investigate and provide a proof-of-concept demonstration of how to approach the biosensor fusion process as a systems optimization. Recent work on biosensor fusion is disjointed and compartmentalize at each technical challenge of a very complex problem. Here we try to take a systems approach in deciding the following(More)
Complex biological sensor performance drives the decisions of which sensors to include into the tiered testing approach of a combined sensor system to achieve high confidence results. The goal is to decrease the “time to confirmation” while increasing confidence in the test results. This research develops a mathematical formulation for solving(More)
BACKGROUND Psychiatric nurses should consider the patient's biological, psychological and social aspects. Marjory Gordon's Functional Health Pattern Model ensures a holistic approach for the patient. AIM To examine the effectiveness of Gordon's Functional Health Pattern Model in reducing depressive symptoms, increasing self-efficacy, coping with(More)
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