Melih Altun

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A new face region extraction method is proposed in this study. The leading property of this method is its application simplicity. Performance success of 65% is achieved with this method and in order to improve this method for images which include multi-faces, we aim to incorporate Zernike moments as a future work.
Finding smoke in surveillance videos can be crucial in early detection of fire emergencies. Such early detections improve damage prevention and control by enabling the authorities to take the necessary precautionary steps. This paper describes a smoke detection technique developed for videos taken in visual band. The method makes use of optical flow and(More)
In this study, we perform field return data analysis of electronic boards. We cooperate with one of the Europe’s largest manufacturers and use their well-maintained data with over 1000 electronic board failures. We follow two steps that are filtering the return data and modeling the filtered data with probabilistic distribution functions. In the first step(More)
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