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  • N A Thorn, Kobenhavn T L0mo, +14 authors O M Effects
  • 2011
Haemodynamic and humoral responses to repeated hypotensive haemorrhage in conscious sheep splanchnic intravascular volume in conscious humans OIEN, A. H. & AUKLAND, K. A multinephron model of renal blood flow autoregulation by tubuloglomerular feedback and myogenic response of exercise on recovery changes in plasma levels of FFA, glycerol, glucose and(More)
We used ultrastructural morphometric methods to study the in vivo regulation of secretion in bronchiolar Clara cells of rats. The Clara cells studied were located in airways with an internal diameter of 0.21 +/- 0.06 mm (mean +/- SD) at a transpulmonary pressure of 20 cm H2O. We found that pilocarpine caused a 50% decrease in the volume density of secretory(More)
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