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The purpose of this investigation was to determine the current status of fluoride mouthrinse programmes throughout Japan. Data collection and analysis took place in 1992. The focus of this study was on schools that were participating in the rinse programme at the time of the survey. Questionnaires were sent by mail to 49 dentist-members of the Association(More)
The crystalline components of human dental calculus were investigated using microbeam x-ray diffraction analysis. Hydroxyapatite and octacalcium phosphate were most frequently found in that portion having porous and zonal structure. In the portion of the homogeneous illustration showing high calcification, whitlockite is a main component. Brushite was(More)
The fluoride concentrations of ammonium fluoride solution (NH4F,pH 4.4), which has the same effect on enamel powder as conventional APF solution, were studied. Human enamel powder (200 mesh passed) was treated with solutions of NH4F (1,000 ppmF-, 3,000 ppmF-, 5,000 ppmF-, 7,000 ppmF-, 9,000 ppmF-, pH 4.4) and APF (9,000 ppmF-, pH 3.4) for 5 min. at 37(More)
Heating biological apatites and synthetic apatites in the stream of inert gas saturated with heavy water vapor, introduces OD ions which substitute for the hydroxyl (OH) ions and partially for the OH vacancies, depending on the heating time and the gas flow rate. This has been verified by ESR and partially by IR. Deuteration gives no serious alterations of(More)