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Baking and food industry workers are exposed to several powdered Aspergillus-derived enzymes with carbohydrate-cleaving activity that are commonly used to enhance baked products. We describe a retrospective study of sensitization to fungal alpha-amylase and cellulase on bakers. Five bakers in whom respiratory allergy symptoms developed when they were(More)
Inhalation of dust from different enzymes can be the cause of occupational asthma in exposed workers. alpha-Amylase, derived from Aspergillus oryzae, is one of these enzymes, although there are few studies in the medical literature that refer to its allergologic properties and to clinical studies in sensitized patients. The results obtained in a study(More)
BACKGROUND In 5-10% of adult patients with asthma, aspirin and most other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) precipitate acute asthmatic attacks. Therefore, choosing an alternative anti-inflammatory agent for patients who have suffered adverse reactions to a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agent is a common problem in clinical practice. The(More)
We present two cases of hypersensitivity to cefazolin (one anaphylaxis). The skin prick tests with cefazolin at therapeutic concentration were positive. For the in vitro study we used conjugates of cefazolin with human serum albumin, obtaining a positive result in the histamine release test in both patients. In one case, we demonstrated(More)
We report a case of an 8-year-old atopic boy in whom ingestion of a chamomile-tea infusion precipitated a severe anaphylactic reaction. The patient suffers from hay fever and bronchial asthma caused by a variety of pollens (grass, olive, and mugwort). This severe reaction was developed after his first ingestion of chamomile tea. Studies revealed the(More)
Latex used in the manufacture of surgical gloves should be included in a list of allergens. It is found in the tree Hevea braziliensis. For approximately the last year, minutes after using surgical gloves, a female doctor had severe pruritus followed by a rash and angio-oedema of the contact areas. During the last 4 months, on opening the glove-bag, she(More)
The inhalation of different substances of plant origin can cause immediate and late onset asthma. The list of these agents responsible for such reactions is continuously increasing. We discuss a patient who developed symptoms of asthma after exposure to Pfaffia paniculata root powder used in the manufacturing of Brazil ginseng capsules. Airway(More)
Among the different antigens, insects play an important role in the induction of allergic reactions. We report on a 12-year-old boy with family history of atopy, who developed symptoms of rhinitis and perennial asthma since the age of 5. Patient's symptomatology increased during pollination and kept close relationship to domestic antigens. A skin and(More)