Melany M. Ciampi

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 This is a work, which intention is to show some aspects of engineering education in South America: the origins, cooperation and education policies, the differences and difficulties of engineering programs integration and the perspectives for the future. It is very important to discuss the Mercosul that plays an important role in the fostering of(More)
 Once more University is reacting and readapting itself to the new necessities of the so-called post industrial revolution society. In the center of this revolution is the Technology. Attempted to this need, SENAC School of Engineering and Technology has conceived and developed the Telecommunication Engineering Program, which contains in its curricula the(More)
 The education scheme of UNILUS Engineering Program consists basically in the inclusion of some courses of non technical area, which are considered important for a more suitable formation so that the future engineer is a professional of high quality, and capable to face the challenges of next century work market. The curriculum contains some courses of(More)
 SENAC School of Engineering and Technology has conceived and developed the Telecommunication Engineering program, which contains in its curriculum the "free period". It is called so because it is a time the students have to attend classes in the several other areas of knowledge, in one of the Units of SENAC. They are free to choose among the many options(More)
 In a Country like Brazil, more than ever it is necessary to increase the number of researchers, committed with environment principally because this Country has an immense challenge to defeat: to promote development for the welfare of people without forgetting the human aspects involved in the relations-man, progress and nature. So it is imperative the(More)
 The globalization phenomenon that started in the second half of the 20th Century has instigated in scientists, educators and some politicians worldwide the search for sustainable development with social promotion of individuals and society. It is one of the key elements for the surviving of human kind on earth. It is not only a matter of environmental(More)