Melany M. Ciampi

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 This is a work, which intention is to show some aspects of engineering education in South America: the origins, cooperation and education policies, the differences and difficulties of engineering programs integration and the perspectives for the future. It is very important to discuss the Mercosul that plays an important role in the fostering of(More)
 The globalization phenomenon that started in the second half of the 20th Century has instigated in scientists, educators and some politicians worldwide the search for sustainable development with social promotion of individuals and society. It is one of the key elements for the surviving of human kind on earth. It is not only a matter of environmental(More)
 This work has the goal to show a very new and interesting effort to foster Engineering Education in the Country, making use of the last technological acquisitions available in the world market. The organization responsible for this initiative is the RBE, which means " Brazilian Engineering Network " , that has began its activities in March of 1998 with a(More)
The large Continent of America has in its territory besides overseas regions, dependencies and colonies 35 sovereign countries, 25 in North America and 12 in South America. Among them there are two big countries Brazil, which official language is Portuguese and Argentina, which official language is Spanish. Both are of political and economical importance in(More)