Melany L. Hunt

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[1] Desert booming can be heard after a natural slumping event or during a sand avalanche generated by humans sliding down the slip face of a large dune. The sound is remarkable because it is composed of one dominant audible frequency (70 to 105 Hz) plus several higher harmonics. This study challenges earlier reports that the dunes’ frequency is a function(More)
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This paper presents experimental measurements of the approach and rebound of a particle colliding obliquely with a wall in a viscous fluid. Steel and glass particles 12.7mm in diameter were used. The experiments were performed using a thick Zerodur wall (a glass-like material) with various mixtures of glycerol and water. Normal and tangential coefficients(More)
Experimental evidence shows that the presence of an ambient liquid can greatly modify the collision process between two solid surfaces. Interactions between the solid surfaces and the surrounding liquid result in energy dissipation at the particle level, which leads to solid-liquid mixture rheology deviating from dry granular flow behaviour. The present(More)
Ž . This study presents a computational method combining smoothed particle hydrodynamics SPH and the discrete element method Ž . DEM to model flows containing a viscous fluid and macroscopic solid particles. The two-dimensional numerical simulations are validated by comparing the wake size, drag coefficient and local heat transfer for flow past a circular(More)