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An outbreak of hypersensitivity pneumonitis in a textile plant was attributed on epidemiological grounds to a chilled water air-conditioning system where a slime was growing in the chilled water sump and on demister vanes. All of the patients and about 80% of their asymptomatic co-workers had strongly positive precipitin tests to extracts of the slime. An(More)
The stromal compartment of adipose tissue harbors multipotent cells known as adipose-derived stem cells (ASCs). These cells can differentiate into various lineages including osteogenic, chrondrogenic, adipogenic, and neurogenic; this cellular fraction may be easily obtained in large quantities through a clinically safe liposuction procedure. Therefore, ASCs(More)
Currently, the management of urban waste streams in developing countries is not optimized yet, and in many cases these wastes are disposed untreated in open dumps. This fact causes serious environmental and health problems due to the presence of contaminants and pathogens. Frequently, the use of specific low-cost strategies reduces the total amount of(More)
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