Melany Hughes

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In the sera from 42 patients receiving quinidine, (3S)-3-hydroxyquinidine (3-OH), an active metabolite of quinidine, and quinidine were determined by high-pressure liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection. These results were added to those of 25 other patients reported previously. The 3-OH/quinidine ratio averaged 0.34 +/- 0.17 (SD) with a range of(More)
Eleven patients with writer's cramp were studied during the performance of a series of writing and non-writing tasks. Their performance in the tasks and the intensity of contraction in the flexor and extensor muscles of the fingers and elbow (recorded electromyographically) were compared with the results from a group of matched normal controls. The patients(More)
INTRODUCTION Multiple injuries have been highlighted as an important clinical dimension of the injury profile following earthquakes, but studies are scarce. We investigated the pattern and combination of injuries among patients with two injuries following the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake. We also described the general injury profile, causes of injury and(More)
— This pilot study applied Lempel-Ziv Complexity (LZC) to 22 resting EEG signals, collected using the 10-20 international system, from 11 patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD) and 11 age-matched controls. This allowed for frequency band analysis as the EEG signals were first pre-filtered with a third order Hamming window in the ranges F to F+WHz with both(More)
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