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Part-Time Work in EU Countries: Labour Market Mobility, Entry and Exit This paper looks at the role of part-time work in labour mobility for 11 European countries. We find some evidence of part-time work being used as a stepping stone into full-time employment, but for a small proportion of individuals (less than 5%). Part-time jobs are also found to be(More)
Since W. E. B. Du Bois documented the physical and social environments of Philadelphia's predominantly African American Seventh Ward over a century ago, there has been continued interest in understanding the distribution of social and physical environments by racial make-up of communities. Characterization of these environments allows for documentation of(More)
Recent Developments in Part-Time Work in EU-15 Countries: Trends and Policy A growing part-time employment share has been a main feature of a number of industrialized countries over the past two decades. A considerable variation in the rate of part-time work is evident by gender, age group, industrial sector and occupation. The stylized facts support the(More)
Your Everyday, Average Academic The data described in this paper come from a unique cross section study collected by the author, using a postal questionnaire, of five Scottish Universities: Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow, Heriot-Watt and St. Andrews undertaken in 1995/6. It encompasses detailed information on the personal and working history of 900 academics.(More)
This paper examines both pay relativities and mechanisms for pay determination within the UK academic labour market drawing upon a particularly detailed data set of 635 academics from five traditional Scottish Universities. In the existing literature, the fact that in many occupations, employees are paid according to explicitly determined wage scales is(More)
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