Melanie Volkamer

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End-to-end encryption has been heralded by privacy and security researchers as an effective defence against dragnet surveillance, but there is no evidence of widespread end-user uptake. We argue that the non-adoption of end-toend encryption might not be entirely due to usability issues identified by Whitten and Tygar in their seminal paper “Why Johnny Can’t(More)
Now welcome, the most inspiring book today from a very professional writer in the world, evaluation of electronic voting requirements and evaluation procedures to support responsible election authorities lecture notes in business information processing. This is the book that many people in the world waiting for to publish. After the announced of this book,(More)
There is increasing interest in cryptographic verifiability in remote electronic voting schemes. Helios is one example of an open-source implementation. In previous work, we proposed an improved version of the original Helios interface in version 3.1 for vote casting and individual verifiability. We now test this interface in a mock mayoral election set up(More)
The vision of a landscape of heterogeneous web services deployed as encapsulated business software assets in the Internet is currently becoming a reality as part of the Semantic Web. When pro-active agents handle the context-aware discovery, acquisition, composition, and management of application services and data, ensuring the security of customers’ data(More)
The short history of e-voting has shown that projects are doomed to fail in the absence of trust among the electorate. The first binding Norwegian Internet elections are scheduled for fall 2011. Notably, transparency is taken as a guideline in the project. This article discusses transparency and other measures the Norwegians apply that are suited to(More)
Hiermit versichere ich, die vorliegende Diplomarbeit ohne Hilfe Dritter und nur mit den angegebenen Quellen und Hilfsmitteln angefertigt zu haben. Alle Stellen, die aus den Quellen entnommen wurden, sind als solche kenntlich gemacht worden. Diese Arbeit hat in gleicher oderähnlicher Form noch keiner Prüfungsbehörde vorgelegen. Acknowledgements First of all,(More)
Past research on Internet voting has been concentrated on two aspects. First, there are investigations to find the appropriate balance between anonymity and authentication. Second, the impact of the use of Internet voting to legislation has been studied. In this paper we analyze the impact of legislation to the design of a real Internet voting system. We(More)