Melanie Steinhüser

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In many organizations, social software is well established and no longer just a trend topic, which means that benefits are expected. As with any other type of information systems (IS), assessing social software success is an important and challenging task for both practitioners and researchers. This motivated us to present a conceptual model for measuring(More)
With Enterprise Social Software (ESS) being increasingly used for internal communication and collaboration, an important question is how their success can be measured. In this paper we contribute to answering this question by investigating which methods and metrics organizations are currently applying for measuring ESS success. To do so, we have conducted(More)
The research field of technology acceptance and software acceptance is a fertile field in the discipline of MIS. Acceptance research is mainly affected by the technology acceptance model (TAM). The TAM is counted as the major guideline for acceptance research. But recently more researchers discover the deficits of former acceptance research. The main cause(More)
While the use of Enterprise Social Software (ESS) increases, reports from science and practice show that evaluating its impact remains a major challenge. Various interests and points of view make each ESS evaluation an individual matter and lead to diverse requirements. In this paper, we propose a design theory that highlights the various design options and(More)
Die Untersuchung der Akzeptanz von Technologien im Allgemeinen und Software im Besonderen ist ein fruchtbares Feld in der angloamerikanischen Forschung der Disziplinen (Management) Information Systems und der deutschen Wirtschaftsinformatik. Trotz zahlreicher Untersuchungen, die ihren Ursprung in dem Technologie-Akzeptanzmodell und verwandten Theorien(More)
In den vergangenen Jahren wurde die Zusammenarbeit innerhalb vieler Unternehmen stark durch die Einführung neuer digitaler Medien, insbesondere Social Software, geprägt. Heute stehen diese Unternehmen immer häufiger vor der Situation, Social Software auch organisationsübergreifend einzusetzen. In diesem Kontext stellt sich die Frage, inwieweit sich(More)