Melanie Silbermann

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The main objective of this research was to study the relationship between glucocorticoids, aging and the deterioration of cognitive functions. Towards this end, an attempt was made to develop an animal model which will enable the investigation of such interactions, using subcutaneously implanted sustained-release corticosterone pellets. The goal was to(More)
Trends in the incidence of classic Kaposi's sarcoma in the Jewish population in Israel for the period between 1960 and 1998 were analysed. World standardised incidence rates of 20.7 and 7.5 per million among men and women, respectively, were calculated. The highest incidence rates were displayed by men originated from Africa and by Asian-born women.
A computerized image analysis system was used to quantitate age-related changes in the structure of the proximal femur in CW-1 female mice, ranging from 3 to 32 months of age. Morphological findings revealed a progressive thinning of bone trabeculae within the femoral head, accompanied by the development of marrow cavities in the cortical bone of the(More)
The present study examined the effect of exogenous IGF-I on growth and development of neonatal cartilage of the mandible condyle. Condylar cartilage was cultured as organ culture. The explants were cultured on top of collagen sponges in medium containing 2% fetal calf serum and were treated with IGF-I at doses ranging from 3.25 to 26 nmol/l for up to six(More)
Undifferentiated progenitor cells of mandibular condyles of neonatal mice were kept in a tissue culture system for up to 9 days. After 2 days in culture, new chondroblasts developed within the explants, whereas the peripheries of the latter were occupied by undifferentiated cells undergoing mitosis. By 4 days in culture, many of the cartilage cells showed(More)
Differentiation of undifferentiated mammary epithelial stem and/or progenitor cells results in the production of luminal-ductal and myoepithelial cells in the young animal and upon pregnancy, the production of luminal alveolar cells. A few key regulators of differentiation have been identified, though it is not known yet how these proteins function together(More)
The growth hormone of neonatal facial cartilage from ICR mice is inhibited by glucocorticoid treatment in vitro. A reduction of the overall tissue weight is accompanied by a substantial decrease in the protein content of the tissue. For the first 48 h in culture, hormone-treated cartilage undergoes a complete standstill in protein gain, and only thereafter(More)
Age-related histopathological changes in the hippocampal formation were correlated with cognitive performance, evaluated in rats at the 8-arm radial maze. Experiments were conducted using young (3 months), mature (12 months), middle-aged (17 months) and aged (24 months) Wistar rats. Significant memory impairments were already observed at the age of 12(More)
Cognitive and memory capacities were assessed in two strains of rats of various age groups prior to histological evaluation of their brains. Male Wistar rats, at the age of 3, 12, 17 and 24 months, were tested using the 8-arm radial maze and male Fischer 344 rats, aged 3, 12 and 16 months, were tested in the Morris water maze. Significant memory impairments(More)
This study provides newer information concerning the extracellular matrix of neonatal condylar cartilage--a genuine representative of a secondary type of cartilage. In addition, the data presented hereby indicate that the condylar cartilage contains a population of progenitor cells that synthesise Type I collagen rather than Type II. Under normal conditions(More)