Melanie Schumann

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Future nanoelectronic devices may well be based on an assembled monolayer of ligand-stabilized metal clusters, Au55 in this case: Irradiation of the monolayer with an electon beam generates diodic behavior. While the clusters themselves resist decomposition, the system exhibits interesting time-dependant electrical characteristics, as shown by the(More)
This article describes measurements of angular-correlation coefficients in the decay of free neutrons with the superconducting spectrometer PERKEO II. A method for measuring the β-asymmetry coefficient A is presented, as well as a new method for determining the neutrino-asymmetry coefficient B, which allows a value for the proton-asymmetry coefficient C to(More)
We report on experimental characterization of a microstructured optical retarder fabricated using interference lithography technique. The microstructured element is designed to be a quarter-wave plate in visible range. The measurements of retardation distribution were carried out against wavelength in incoherent light using a rotating analyzer technique. We(More)
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