Melanie Schueler

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Exercise may predispose to ventricular arrhythmias especially in patients with congestive heart failure. As therapy with implanted cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs) has become standard medical care, there is an emerging number of exercise tests that need to be performed in patients with ICDs. In contrast, little is known about the safety of symptom-limited(More)
BACKGROUND Elevated cardiac troponin (cTn) has been reported to occur with AVNRT. Little is known about prevalence, kinetic changes, and possible reasons of increased cTn. METHODS We evaluated 139 consecutive patients presenting with AVNRT to the emergency department between 2006 and 2010. Cardiac troponin T (cTnT) was measured serially at baseline, after(More)
Neuroimaging studies of cerebellar atrophy in schizophrenia have yielded contradictory results. In computer-tomography (CT) studies, cerebellar atrophy was found in up to 40% of schizophrenic patients. However, several recent magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) studies could not replicate these early findings; in addition, contradictory observations of(More)
The case report describes an acute total ischemia of both legs in a young otherwise healthy woman. Based on the patient's history, the physical findings and further investigations, the differential diagnosis is discussed. The emergency procedure with a successful desobliteration of a strictly localized arteriosclerotic plaque by Fogarty catheter was(More)
To elucidate the early events of cancer development in the columnar cell-lined lower esophagus, 13 esophagectomy specimens with early adenocarcinoma (T1) were histopathologically studied and the morphometry of the lesion was performed on a histologic map. Eleven (84.6%) of the 13 early Barrett's carcinomas were contiguous to both the distinctive(More)
Long-term results in 217 patients with carcinoma of the cardia were analysed prospectively. 43 of the 217 could not be operated upon, either because of their poor general condition (51%), distal metastases (49%), and (or) the primary tumour having advanced too far locally (9%). Two of the 176 patients proved to be inoperable at surgery so that only 174(More)
AIM Refractive cataract surgery using corneal incisions is aiming at neutralization of preoperative astigmatism. PATIENTS AND METHODS 61 patients with preoperative astigmatism of 2.25 +/- 0.98 were included in the treatment. A self-sealing corneal tunnel incision measuring 4.0 to 4.1 mm in external diameter and 6.5 to 7.0 mm in internal diameter (stretch(More)