Melanie Schreiber

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Previous studies on performance monitoring repeatedly found attenuated error-related negativities (Ne/ERN) in elderly, while findings for the correct-related negativity (Nc/CRN) are inconsistent. The present study aimed at clarifying inconsistent Nc/CRN results in elderly. Therefore, a refined design was employed to control for potential influences on the(More)
In cancer therapy, the number of drugs targeting cells with characteristic molecular aberrations is continuously rising. However, application of these new drugs still is limited to a few tumor entities. The aim of this study was to test the concept of routinely identifying all possible cancer patients who might eventually benefit from targeted therapy.(More)
Behavioral performance in older adults is often characterized by normal error rates but longer response latencies compared to younger adults. The slowing of reaction times might reflect a compensatory strategy to avoid errors and might be associated with performance monitoring alterations. The present study investigated whether the ability to compensate for(More)
Israel, located in a region endemic for hepatitis A virus (HAV), recently absorbed a large population of immigrants who came from the former USSR. To assess the risk of high morbidity in this population a serosurvey of HAV antibodies was undertaken. Serum samples were collected from 965 new immigrants, of whom 664 came from the European, non-endemic region,(More)
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