Melanie Schrader

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Spectators often attribute their athletic team's victories to internal causes and its losses to external causes (e.g., A. H. Hastorf & H. Cantril, 1954; R. R. Lau, 1984; L. Mann, 1974). This self-serving attributional pattern is most common among fans with a strong psychological attachment to their team (D. L. Wann & T. J. Dolan, 1994). The authors examined(More)
It was hypothesized that individuals who are reminded of their own mortality will experience anxiety which is reduced by an increased need for belief in immortality. A questionnaire assessing the need for literal and two forms of symbolic immortality was developed. Analysis showed that awareness of mortality increased scores on the need for literal(More)
BACKGROUND Adherence to treatment is crucial to improve outcomes in patients with heart failure. Good social support is associated with better adherence, but the mechanism for this association has not been well-explored. AIMS The aim of this secondary analysis was to examine whether self-care confidence mediates the relationship between social support and(More)
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